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NEW SINGLE: Flame or Redemption „Purgatory“ - OUT NOW!
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Tour Dates

20.04.2024: Schlachtfest im Schlachthof, Fürstenfeldbruck(D). More here!

25.05.2024: Mammut Festival in der Pharmpur EISARENA, Königsbrunn/Augsburg(D). Tickets here!

--- More coming soon ---

Past Dates

17.11.2023: SPECIAL DATE: Heavy Birthday Celebration - Isabelle Crofts runder Geburtstag, Soundcafe, Munich (D). Tickets here!

28.10.2023: Heavy Halloween Festival Vol. 6, Froschberghalle Kirchdorf, Brigachtal (D). More details here!

02.09.2023: Metal Colonia Fest, Cologne (D). Book your Ticket here!

26.08.2023: Pure Fucking Metal FestEvil 666 Edition, Waldgasthof Hart (D). Book your Ticket here!

05.08.2023: Metal United, Regensburg (D). Book your ticket here!

29.10.2022: 22. Schalldruck-Festival (Metal & Core), Feierwerk Munich (D).

22.10.2022: Amper Slam Rock Nacht, Olching (D).

17.09.2022: Fuck Cancer Festival, Hamburg (D).

29.07.2022: Schlichtenfest, Ottobeuren (D).

09.07.2022: Open Park PFA'HOFA, Pfaffenhofen (D).

23.04.2022: RENDEZVOUS RANDALE Tour, Quax Munich (D).

03.09.2021: Support Band of Critical Mess, Backstage Werk Munich (D).

06.08.2020: Distancing Concert, Backstage Werk, Munich (D).

27.06.2020: Onlive Concert, 8Below Bergfest Livestream Edition II (D).

15.02.2020: SPH Music Masters National Semifinal, Nuremberg (D).

24.01.2020: Entorias Albtraumnacht vol. 4, Backstage Munich (D).

(D)28.11.2019: Support Psycho VillageTour, Backstage Munich (D).

23.11.2019: National Quarterfinals SPH Music Masters, Quax Munich (D).

26.10.2019: 20. Schalldruck-Festival (Metal & Core), Feierwerk Munich (D).

04.10.2019: Regional Final SPH Music Masters, Quax Munich (D).

31.08.2019: Thunder & Lightning Metalfestival, 59757 Arnsberg (D).

19.07.2019: City Final SPH Music Masters, Soundcafe Munich (D).

06.07.2019: Infinum Album Release, Backstage Munich (D).

10.06.2019: Head Krusher (BRA) European Tour, Unter Deck (D).

31.05.2019: SPH MUSIC MASTERS Compettion, Soundcafe Munich (D).


SPH MUSIC MASTERS – National contest for all types of music, Germany.

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MAY 2019

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JULY 2019

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OCT 2019

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FEB 2020


Review Image 2

This formation works like a clockwork. "Within Temptation meets Jinjer." With a professionalism and confidence that I have rarely seen bands at their first concert, they delivered the crowning finale of this preliminary round. Front woman Isabelle convinced with a wonderful voice and deep growls. The singer is able to perform this mixture not only in English but also in French. FLAME OR REDEMPTION gave us concentrated power - billingually. The live show was also convincing all along the line.

Review Image 1

Everything ran smoothly and the audience was right in the middle of it. With a circle pit and singing parts the five musicians from Munich played themselves into the hearts of the audience and became, rightly so, winners of the evening. First place for FLAME OR REDEMPTION.

Chris Konrad
SPH Music Masters Jury

„This band has understood all about stage performance! Their show is energy pure, their music is really good and the singer, Isabelle Croft packs real power - vocally and physically. Watch out for them! They‘re going places!“

Naomi Susan Isaacs
International Coach

Review Image 3

A bilingual Death Metal band with a brutal voice, embodied by its enchanting singer. FLAME OR REDEMPTION took home twice the amount of fans they brought with them. FLAME OR REDEMPTION was actually a band from a completely different level. Their professionalism seemed more like that of a band that feels at home in the Olympic stadium and they finished the evening by far the best.

Dominik Boden
SPH Jury Regional Final

Flame Or Redemption started with their 30 minute set. All band members wore the same shirts and white pants. This gave a very harmonious stage set with the highlight of the singer Isabelle Croft in the middle. Isabelle showed right at the beginning what she can do vocally. From quiet to deep growls, everything is there. The 30 minutes were definitely over way too fast.

I'm sure that you can expect a lot more from Flame or Redemption. The band convinced me.

Metal Affair

Review Image 4

The 5 musicians draws their influences from a wide array of metal legends, ranging from classic female fronted bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation to the more extreme sounds of Gojira, Avatar or Behemoth. Lyrically, themes like life and death, free will, the 7 mortal sins or innocence also reflect the paradox of life, just like the band's name Flame or Redemption.

Band der Woche 18.02.2020

Review Image5

The band is one of the best in the underground. They also deliver a great show live every time and win new fans“

Matze, German
Underground Metal Support

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